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Computer Disaster Recovery Plan

Declaring a disaster:

A disastrous event is one in which the library will be inaccessible for an extended period of time or the library’s computer system must be replaced. A disaster may be declared by the president of the Board of Trustees at the recommendation of the director.

Systems affected:
• Evergreen Indiana Automated Circulation and Catalog system
• AVC Library Accounting Program
• Small Business Server and Exchange email server
• CPLSC’s Web page

Backup processing:


Daily, weekly and monthly backups are made of the Small Business Server. These backups also include the AVC Library Accounting Program. Individual staff members are responsible for backing up any of their own files not residing on the server. The most recent backup tapes are taken home daily so that there are always backups off-site. Remote backups are also done of the Small Business Server and Webserver every night.

Operation of Computer Systems during the Interim Period:


If the library remains open during a disaster period, circulation could operate on the Evergreen Indiana Standalone interface which can upload circulation transactions to the main server later. If the Standalone interface is not available, circulation records are to be kept manually and entered into the Evergreen Indiana when it is possible to do so.

In the event of a catastrophic disaster, bookkeeping and payroll functions would continue at a another temporary facility until the library building reopens. Backup tapes or remote backups would be used to restore data.

Depending on the condition of the library’s Internet connection, the Small Business Server, and Exchange email server could also be restored and run from the temporary location.  The library's website is hosted offsite.

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