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(updated May 2007)

1. To report a fire or other emergency: DIAL 911 FIRST. Then PULL THE FIRE ALARM. If the fire is small and contained, try to put it out with a fire extinguisher if your are capable of doing so. Before staff members leave their area of the library, they must make sure all patrons have been evacuated from the area. Once out of the building, staff should meet in the Elizabeth Street parking lot so that we can make sure everyone is out of the building.

2. Staff members will be familiar with:

A. The site plan showing EMERGENCY EVACUATION ROUTES. These are shown with RED ARROWS at EXITS on the Evacuation Plan.

B. Where STAFF are to ASSEMBLE after evacuation. The ASSEMBLY AREA is across Elizabeth Street in the parking lot west of the library.

C. Normal routes of Fire Department vehicle access. DO NOT BLOCK parking lot entrances.

D. Location of EXITS. These are shown as RED ARROWS on the Evacuation Plan.

E. PRIMARY EVACUATION ROUTES. These are shown with EXITS shown as RED ARROWS on the Evacuation Plan.

F. SECONDARY EVACUATION ROUTES if corridors are blocked.

G. Location of all FIRE EXTINGUISHERS and their use. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS are located throughout the building and are noted in blue on the Evacuation Plan. Instructions are posted next to the fire extinguishers.

3. Required maintenance and inspections of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and back flow valves will be done by a qualified company contracted by the library.


Fire evacuation plans include:

1. Emergency escape routes

A. The entire building is to be evacuated.

B. The elevator is NOT to be used as an exit. Exit routes are highlighted with exits to the exterior shown with a red arrow. Staff members are to evacuate patrons from their area before leaving the building. There are areas of temporary refuge on each floor for people who are not able to negociate stairs. Each of these areas has an intercom to the administrative offices on the first floor.

2. Procedures for employees who must remain to operate critical equipment before evacuating.

There is only one part-time maintenance employee who is not on site except for a few hours per week.

3. Procedures for accounting for staff members after evacuation has been completed.

Staff is to clear their area of the building before evacuating. After evacuating the building, staff are to congregate in the Elizabeth Street parking lot. Unattended children are to remain with staff members until a parent or government official takes responsibility for them.

4. Identification and assignment of personnel responsible for rescue or emergency medical aid.

The library has a small first aid kit. Most rescue or emergency medical aid will be done by responding fire/emergency personnel.

5. The preferred and any alternative means of notifying occupants of a fire or emergency.

The first automatic notification of fire or smoke is by smoke detectors in the building. Smoke detectors will set off the fire alarm throughout the entire building. In the event that the smoke detectors do not function properly, there are emergency pull stations near each exit.

6. The preferred and any alternative means of reporting fire and other emergencies is to call 911.

7. Identification and assignment of personnel who can be contracted for further information or explanation of duties under the plan.

The library is staffed 58 hours per week and any staff member can provide information or contact information for an administrator. If the library is closed, call the director, Sonya Dintaman, at 260-316-9190.

8. A description of the emergency voice / alarm communication system.

The fire alarm system has fire annunciation horns throughout the building. An emergency pull station is located adjacent to all major exits.

Tornado Emergency Procedures


The degrees of warning of a tornado are a tornado watch which means that weather conditions are favorable for tornado development. A tornado warning means that tornadoes have been sighted.

Locally, if a tornado is sighted, the city will sound a siren continuously for 3 -5 minutes. Sometimes the city sends vehicles with loudspeakers through the neighborhoods, saying that a tornado has been sighted and to take cover.

In the case of a sighting, the librarian should herd patrons into the basement under the 2004 addition. If there is not time for this, choose a hallway away from windows, a bathroom, or even under a heavy table, as a last resort. Wait for an “all clear” signal.

Emergency lights which work on batteries will come on in case of power failure. Each desk should also have a flashlight.

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