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Friends of the Library

The mission of the Friends of the Library is to promote the library; maintain an association of persons interested in books and libraries; to focus public attention on library services, facilities and needs; to receive and encourage gifts; and to lend legislative support.

The Friends meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. at the library.

Our organization is a loosely formed group of volunteers.  We maintain the Book Cellar with donations of gently used books.  Sales from the Book Cellar and other events help us support programming at the library for children and adults. 


We need volunteers to: shelve books in the Book Cellar, sort books for sale, staff the book sales, help with fundraisers, post flyers announcing fundraisers and generally support our Carnegie Public Library.  The volunteers donate as much time as their schedules permit.  All help is welcomed.







Student $2.50 ___Individual $5.00 ___Family $10.00 ___Renewal ___

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