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Long Range Plan 2013-2017

Mission statement: In support of its mission as a public service institution, the Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County is concerned with education, information, entertainment, and cultural enrichment of the community it serves.  The Library acquires and makes available for public use the largest, highest quality and widest range of materials and programs which its resources will permit. 


Library description: The Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County is located at 322 South Wayne Street, Angola, Indiana.  The library district includes the city of Angola, Pleasant Township, and York Township.  The service population is 14,437 as of the 2010 census. 

Library board: The Board of Trustees is composed of seven members.  Two members are appointed by the Steuben County Council, two are appointed by the Steuben County Commissioners, and three are appointed by the board of Metropolitan School District of Steuben County.


Library staff: The Library employs ten full-time, and five part-time staff members.

Library facilities: The library has one location, a 35,000 square foot building with an ample parking lot. There are 32 public computers, 3 copier/printer/scanners, and 2 fax machines.  All computers are on a network with a high speed Internet connection.  Wifi is available throughout the building.  Over 60% of the community has library cards.  The library’s collection has over 73,000 physical materials, as well as electronic resources. 

Community Needs and Library Service Responses:

            Public Internet access – Residents will have high-speed access to the Internet with no fees or unnecessary restrictions to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the ever-growing resources and services available online.

            Early literacy – Children from birth to age five will have programs and services designed to ensure that they enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen.

            Genealogy and local history resources – Residents and visitors will have the resources they need to connect the past with the present through their family histories, and to understand the history and traditions of the community.

            Lifelong learning opportunities – Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest throughout their lives, as well as resources needed to inform decisions that affect their lives.

            Reading , viewing, and listening for pleasure – Residents who want materials to enhance their leisure time will find what they want when and where they want them, and will have the help they need to make choices among the many options.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: Library visitors will have up-to-date computer technology, including high speed Internet access, and will have opportunities and resources to develop their technology skills


  1. 80% of technology training participants will increase their skills.

  2. The library will offer at least 10 technology-related programs per year.

  3. The computer network will be available at least 95% of library hours.

  4. Computer workstations will be updated or replaced at least every four years.


Goal 2: Community children will enter school ready to read.


  1. At least 70% of kindergarten students will have a library card.

  2. At least 1,000 children under 5 will participate in library programs.

  3. Have at least one program per year with each registered daycare, either in the library or at their location.

  4. Increase circulation of early literacy kits 5% a year.

  5. Increase circulation of board books and picture books 5% a year.


Goal 3: Visitors will be able to learn about the history of Angola and Steuben County as well as their own family history.


  1. The library will offer at least six genealogy classes per year.

  2. The library will offer access to the library’s obituary files online.


Goal 4: Library visitors of all ages will have access to programs and resources that support and encourage curiosity and will allow visitors to explore topics of personal and professional interests.


  1. At least 70% of participants in adult reading programs will read at least 5 genres.

  2. At least 70% of participants in the children’s Summer Reading program will complete all six weeks.

  3. Increase circulation 2% annually.

  4. The library will offer at least 20 programs per 500 residents annually.

  5. Increase circulation of nonfiction titles 3% annually.


Goal 5: Visitors will have a wide variety of new and popular materials available when and where and in the format they want them.


  1. Increase fiction circulation 3% annually.

  2. Increase audiovisual circulation 3% annually.

  3. Patrons will not have to wait more than six weeks for popular materials.


Goal 6: Teens and young adults will find quality materials to enhance their leisure time.


  1. Participation in young adult programs will increase 5% annually.

  2. Increase circulation of young adult materials 5% annually.


Each objective will be evaluated at the February board meeting for the previous year. 

Communication Plan:
This plan will be posted on the library’s website.  A condensed version will be available on a brochure in the library.

Collaboration with other library and community partners:
The Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County highly values collaborative relationships with other organizations.  The library is a member of the Evergreen Indiana consortium which includes over 100 libraries that share and transit materials throughout the state.


The library is a member of Northeast Indiana Libraries Serving Communities, a consortium of 19 libraries in northeast Indiana that collaborate on grant seeking, programming, training, and networking.

The library has a reciprocal borrowing relationship with the Fremont Public Library.

The library regularly collaborates with local schools, both public and private as well as home school students, to offer programs, tours, and access to materials.  We also collaborate with registered daycares for the same. 

The library collaborates with the Steuben County Literacy Coalition to provide materials for literacy tutors and students. 




Adopted May 13, 2013

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