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Material Selection & Weeding

The Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County provides, on equal terms, free library service to all individuals and groups within its taxing districts. The general criteria for the selection of library books and other materials purchased by this library district are:

(1) the author’s reputation and significance as a writer;
(2) importance of the subject matter to the library’s collection;
(3) scarcity of materials on the subject;
(4) appearance of title in special bibliographies or indexes;
(5) authoritativeness;
(6) reputation and standing of the publisher;
(7) price;
(8) availability of materials elsewhere in the area.

It is not the obligation of the Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County to provide research materials, but it may do so incidentally.

The acceptance of gifts and donations of books and other materials shall be based on the same criteria as those for selection and purchased of books and other materials. Books will not be accepted with restrictions as to housing or use.

Book and material selection shall be under the authority of the library director. Staff members will participate in the selection process, and public demand will be considered to the extent that the budget permits and the demands meet the criteria listed above.

The Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County endorses as a part of the material selection policy the “Library Bill of Rights,” adopted June 18, 1948, and the “Freedom to Read Statement,” adopted by the American Library Association Council on June 25, 1953.

Weeding Policy

The collection will be weeded regularly to keep it current, relevant, and useful to library users.

The history of usage, condition of the material, and shelf space will be important considerations when weeding the collection.

Materials removed from the collection will be disposed of to the best possible advantage. They may be donated to the Friends of the Library, other non-profit institutions, recycled, or destroyed.

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