• Maureen Buschek

Help for Book Club Members and Anyone!

We have a great resource for book club members and all around book lovers that you may not have discovered. It's a magazine called "Bookmarks". The subtitle is "for Everyone Who Hasn't Read Everything" which of course is all of us! The magazine has a new book guide divided into genres and age groups which describes new books and includes brief critiques from national book reviewers. There is a featured author in each issue; a "coming soon" section; and, articles such as the current issue's "Big Contemporary Novels Worth the Effort".

The most fun feature for me is "Book Groups". A book club is interviewed with questions such as "how did your group get started, tell us about the members, what were your favorite books for discussion and your most memorable meeting. It is fascinating how different groups function and how long they've been meeting. Some groups seem to meet just for a light discussion and fun while others are very intellectual and serious. The current issue's group has both women and men and their ages range from 19 to 82. The have 50 members which seems an unwieldy number but it must work for them.

The only criticism is that the magazine comes out only every two months. Remember that you can take out three back issues for three weeks. This is definitely one resource you'll want to check out!


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