• Maureen Buschek

How Does Jack Die?

Sometimes it is fashionable to say that there’s nothing on TV. Now there are so many alternatives – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu. But don’t overlook NBC’s Emmy award winning show. This Is Us is for anyone who loves stories about family dynamics – funny, sad, heart wrenching, maddening, devastating, all of it.

Many Moore and Milo Ventimiglia star as parents of triplets. The show goes cleverly back and forth between time periods from when the children are born and follows them through the current time when they are in their thirties. Without giving anything away, you will be hooked immediately. These characters will stay with you for a long time.

The fall season finale of This Is Us was just on so now is your chance to catch up. Check out the library's DVD of the first season. Then watch the first half of the second season on Hulu. You’ll be ready when the series starts up again in January on NBC.

You’ll be like the rest of us asking the big question “how does Jack die?”.


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