• Maureen Buschek

Are You in for the Long Haul?

Have you ever hired a moving company? I have. I had to move four times in seven years. It does make you think about the lives of the people that helped make the move successful.

"The Long Haul: A Truck Driver's Tales of Life on the Road" by Finn Murphy may be of interest to you. Called The Great White Mover by his team, Finn is a member of a dying breed of movers. He's articulate, college educated and has many stories to tell after 30 years on the road. He relates them in a funny, sometimes sad, sometimes melancholy (after all he's Irish) way.

You'll learn about life on the road, living in a luxury truck, the hierarchy of laborers, Finn's reflections about changes in American life and furniture, how to understand interstate road signs (actually quite interesting) and so much more.

Finn can walk into your home and in five minutes tell you the story of your life. He's moved hoarders, curmudgeons, a pretentious corporate executive, helped bury an archaeologist's remains in a Navajo burial ceremony and encountered all sorts of people in between. You'll learn how his crew can be treated with contempt or as invisible.

One of our book club's best meetings was a discussion of Studs Terkel's "Working". "The Long Haul" could be a modern companion to that book. Learn about life on the road through the eyes of this funny, philosophical long hauler.

(Note: Whether you read the book or not, Finn Murphy's interview by Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air is worth your time. He actually had written in his book about truckers listening to Fresh Air during their drives. He was thrilled to be interviewed by Terry.)


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