• What a Ride!

Funny, Sad, Caring

Usually it's not a great idea to pick a book by it's cover. That can produce some real bummers but this time it worked! New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Evison's "The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving" is wonderful, sad, funny and ultimately very satisfying.

The cover says it's both a goofy road trip and a mission of atonement which is true. The narrator, Ben, takes a short night course in caregiving because there is just nothing else he feels he's qualified to do. He isn't exactly a happy guy.

You'll soon meet a young man with a severe disability that is Ben's first charge. Trev is nineteen years old and has all the desires of a young man. He is sardonic and miserable which is totally understandable considering his physical condition. Ben is more than miserable but becomes really good at his minimum pay job.

They decide against all logic to go on a trip to meet Trev's estranged father. And what a road trip it is - you'll meet a snarly teenage hitchhiker named Dot, a very pregnant girl and her criminal boy friend. You'll also find out who is stalking Ben and Trev in a beat up old car and what dark event has caused Ben to almost give up.

This is not your typical road trip adventure. It is poignant and funny but most of all gives hope in the face of almost unimaginable grief. Do yourself a favor and go on this trip.


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