• Maureen Buschek

Indian Lore on Lake Superior

William Kent Krueger's stand alone novel "Ordinary Grace" is one of the best novels we've ever promoted at the library. It won the 2013 Edgar Award for best mystery. It is so much more than your usual mystery. If you haven't read it give it a try but don't overlook Krueger's mystery series.

His series features embittered ex-sheriff Cork O'Connor. He's part Irish and part Indian and lives in the north woods of Minnesota. The first novel in the series "Iron Lake" won numerous first novel awards. There are now 17 books in the series.

Krueger wonderfully evokes the snow covered desolation of the Lake Superior area. Since Cork is part Indian he can deal with the Indians of the area and is more trusted than the white man. Cork has chosen the white man's world but has been influenced by his Indian grandmother. He truly believes in the Indian myths and lore passed down from prior generations.

The Windingo features in this first book. Historica Canada defines the Windingo as "a powerful monster with a desire to kill its victims. Windingo legends are cautionary tales about isolation and selfishness and the importance of community." Krueger has certainly written a tale so true to this definition. If you're looking for a new series this may be the one for you.

GREAT NEWS! William Kent Krueger said in an interview that he is working on a companion piece to "Ordinary Grace". It will be published in the fall of 2019.


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