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  • Maureen Buschek

Don't Forget Author JoJo Moyes

Remember the 2012 book "Me Before You" by JoJo Moyes? She went on to write two sequels "After You" and "Still Me" because fans demanded it. Her character, Louisa Clark, the quirky English girl with the mismatched wardrobe and way with words, is someone that stays with you for a long time. Louisa and Will's love story is heartbreaking and real.

Louisa goes on to find love again but it's a struggle. Her stay in New York City working for the super rich in "Still Me" is actually quite fascinating. Listening to it on audio makes you feel like Louisa is right next to you relating the story of her life. If you haven't read this trilogy and you appreciate witty dialog along with richly drawn characters you may just fall in love with Louisa. I know many of us already have.

Don't miss another great JoJo Moyes book "One Plus One" which came out in 2014. This is one crazy road trip with another likable character named Jess. She is a single mom with two kids and no money but lots of spunk. She's the ultimate eternal optimist. She cleans houses for a living and meets a man who is her total oppisite. They go on an adventure that will have you laughing and crying all the way to the end.

JoJo Moyes is a special author. We can't wait for her next book. Wish she would hurry up!

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