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  • December 17,1958

Skating Rink Open At Hendry Park School

Youngsters and adults alike are enjoying the facilities of a large, safe ice skating rink on the playground of the new Hendry Park School in Angola.

The large area covers more than half an acre. It is dish shaped and the area is all black topped with a curbing around the outside edge. During fall and spring youngsters use it as a play area for various games where they can go without getting muddy feet or tracking dirt into the school building. In the winter, the area is flooded into a large ice skating rink.

Much credit is due to the Angola firemen who spent three hours recently in sub-zero weather to flood the area. They donated their time to prepare the area as a safe spot for the youngsters of the community. The ice is about 1 1/2 feet thick at the deepest places in the center of the oblong area and tapers off to only an inch or two at the shallow outside area. Benches are furnished where the youngsters change their skates or the oldsters can reat while watching the skaters.

The area is reserved for school children during the school hours from Monday through Friday. After school and on week-ends, the ice rink is open to the public, both young and old alike.

Steuben Republican December 17, 1958

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