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The Town of Angola is the seat of justice of Steuben County, and its main trading point, which makes her intimately connected every other town in the county. In enterprise Angola is second to no other town of its size in northeastern Indiana, inasmuch as she is blessed with just enough to bring about sharp competition on traffic, which, of course, enables her merchants and business men generally, to successfully compete with surrounding towns. The trading interests of Angola are quite as diversified as can be found in many metropolitan centers-general merchandising, growing transactions in local operations, shipments of products and special features of business operations all tend to call together that class of business men and mechanics that form the only true basis upon which to form the lasting life of any growing town. Angola's growth has been steady, rather than spasmodic, which places it on a more

substantial foundation. The town has never had a boom.


The value of Angola's real property is $434,735, and accessed valuation of taxable property is $834, 735. This of course, does not include the church or school property, which is non-taxable. The church property is values at about $30,000. and the school property at $28,000.


Angola is just now being provided with a fine system of water works, which when competed, will give us an ample supply of water for house purposes and protection against fires. The water is derived from drive wells, and i pure and wholesome. There are also two fine artesian wells on the outskirts of the town whose waters are heavily impregnated with medicinal qualities. A good volunteer fire department attends promptly to fire alarms.


The town is well lighted with electricity, there being two electric light plants which give good service.


From the early day attention has been given to educational facilities, and year after year the schools have been improved till we now have one of the best graded school systems of any town this size in the state, presided over by Prof. J.W. Wyandt, an excellent superintendent assisted by a competent corps of nine teachers. Two substantial school buildings are used, and the average enrollment of pupils is 800. The Tri-State Normal college is also located here, and has proved itself a pride and help to the town and surrounding country. It has proved an important educational factor, which has become noted abroad as well as at home for the thorough advantages it offers. It is conducted by Prof. L. M. Sniff and a competent faculty, who have spared no pains to make it one of the very best schools of its class. It has on an average about 300 pupils yearly, from this and other states, and it is doing excellent work. The buildings and grounds are valued at $33,000. an item worthy of mention is the fact that there is not a child in the county above ten years of age who is not able to read or write. Written by C.V. Carlin


​There are three churches - Methodist, Disciple and Congregational - with earnest pastors at their heads who attend well to the spiritual wants of their flocks. The churches and Sunday schools are all well attended.


The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railroad offers us good facilities for travel of transportation of freight. This station is one of the most important on the line of the road between Toledo and Chicago, more freight being handled here than any other town of this size on the road.


The press is well represented, there being three weekly newspapers - the Republican, Herald, and the Magnet - all using their best endeavors to promote the interest of the town.


There are three banks - Kinney & Co, Bank, Angola Bank, and Steuben County Bank. These banks have been of benefit to the business interests of Angola and surrounding country, standing ready to aid them in practical enterprises.


The Medical Profession is represented by a class of physicians who stand high in the medical world, and are a credit to the town.


Social and secret societies abound, there being several, each enjoying good membership. The town is well laid out, and the substantial brick business blocks and neat homes of our citizens bespeak their thrift and enterprise. Our people are social and intelligent, and good order prevails, while the town is healthy, serious epidemics being unknown.

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